Monday, March 3, 2008

"Future of Management" in a nutshell

Came across this great set of bullet-points summarizing Dr. Gary Hamel's "Future of Management" organizations - what he calls "Management 2.0" and what we call "The Entrepreneurial Organization":

* Everyone has a voice.
* The tools of creativity are widely distributed.
* Its easy and cheap to experiment.
* Capability counts for more than credentials and titles.
* Commitment is voluntary.
* Power is granted from below.
* Authority is fluid and contingent on value-added.
* The only hierarchies are “natural” hierarchies.
* Communities are self-defining. Individuals are richly empowered with information.
* Just about everything is decentralized.
* Ideas compete on an equal footing.
* It’s easy for buyers and sellers to find each other.
* Resources are free to follow opportunities.
* Decisions are peer-based.

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