Tuesday, May 8, 2007

An overview vision for the Entrepreneurial Organization

Our launch press release last week contained a high-level vision for the Entrepreneurial Organization. I added a couple permanent links to it in the right-side column, but thought I should go ahead and mention it in an official post. I made it two links to the same thing so people could find it whether they're looking for the launch press release or a description of the vision.

You may have seen a "rated-G" edited version of the press release, which Business Wire required us to substitute so as not to offend any sensitive journalists with the word "sucks". It, unfortunately, lost a lot of its punch in the process. Fortunately, they did allow us to release the original "rated-PG" version on their EON site, where it should permanently reside - and that's the one we're linking to.

Over time on this blog, I expect to try and flesh out more of the details of the Entrepreneurial Organization behind the vision.

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Ben said...

*google's blogspot seems to be throwing an error; apologies if this is a duplicate*

With reference to the PG version, i.e. "work sucks because our organizations suck ... maybe it's because of my infantry training (once you get over comfort/discomfort you're pretty well unstoppable), or maybe from my Buddhist training (see about re: comfort/discomfort) but I'm quite willing do do what sucks, when and as necessary.

But to have Katrina hit and no drinking water gets deployed? We know that those big over-grown "O" rings on Colombia don't like being deep-chilled, but we send it up anyhow?

Nope ... as a principled practitioner I withdraw my services.

Well ... for a while. Sorta. Kinda.

I read the FAQ. I don't see a lot of low-hanging fruit. I don't see a sure thing. What I did see looks to me like an intelligent alternative.

*email to you soonest*